Hello to all of our teams, prospective teams and other interested parties.  Welcome to our website and to our slow pitch league.

The Victoria All Fun Mixed Slo-pitch league actually started decades ago as a government league between different Ministries.  Over the years and decades, it has evolved.  Teams with names such as Labour Pains (Ministry of Labour) changed to Aches and Pains as the league opened up to allowing other teams to join.  Eventually, this particular team settled on yet a new name, the Relics, and they are still with us today as are many of the original teams in some form or another.

I like this story because it demonstrates that this league is about fun for people of a variety of abilities and ages. The league has a family-friendly atmosphere in which players feel okay to bring their kids to games. There are strict “No Alcohol” and “No Smoking” policies for the league which forms a part of our contract with the school district from whom we rent our fields. Hence, this policy is strictly enforced to both maintain compliance, but also to maintain the focus on fun community recreation for adults. There are slow pitch leagues in Victoria that stress different aspects of the game, but no league does a better job of focussing on the FUN aspect in my opinion. Many a person has found a spouse in this league (not that we’re a dating service or that this is our main goal!), but it does demonstrate what a great opportunity to meet people and stay fit this league offers.

So to all of our present teams, best wishes for another year full of FUN, fitness and sportsmanship!


Neal Johnson
Victoria All Fun Mixed Slo-Pitch